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Reviews for Undulation: Relieve Stiffness and Feel Young
This is a little gem of a book; simple, to the point and yet very effective in showing how to release chronic tension.
Joseph Heller, founder of Hellerwork Structural Integration and co-author, Bodywise
Undulation is a safe and wonderful complement to more traditional therapeutic modalities. I utilize it every day in my work to help clients discover new movement pathways and experience freedom and flow in their bodies.
Robin Rothenberg, Certified Yoga Therapist and author of the Essential Low Back Program
I have used body undulation ever since I learned it from Emilie Conrad in 1986—in airports (yup) and hotels to shake off travel stiffness, and it is especially useful prior to stressful events. Undulation is not a method; it is simply a manner of restoring and exploring your body’s felt sense. Use this fine book to get into it, and then let yourself go into the waves. 
Tom Myers, author of Anatomy Trains
The innate movement language of the body has been stifled environmentally, culturally, and interpersonally. With Undulation, Anita Boser has found a gentle and systematic way to help bodies in any condition of health to unleash motion and self-healing capacity. Flip to any page and you will find your joints spontaneously engaged in fluid movements that are beautifully illustrated. A must-read for movement professionals who work with chronic pain, elderly, or need creative ideas to un-glue body fears in any body.
Jill Miller, author of The Roll Model: A Step by Step Guide to Erase Pain,
Improve Mobility and Live Better in Your Body
This wonderful resource should be on everyone’s shelf. My back hasn’t felt this good in years! This is the book to read if you have neck, shoulder, upper back, or lower back tension.
Sharon Butler, author of Conquering Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Other
Repetitive Strain Injuries: A Self-Care Program
Undulation is a clever and innovative way to combat the “disease” of sitting in front of your computer. A minute or so of undulation every hour can do wonders for anyone with pain, or who wants to prevent pain. I have had students and office personnel perform undulations throughout the working day, and the results have been phenomenal.
Staffan Elgelid, Associate Professor of Physical Therapy, GCFP, Certified Yoga Therapist,
 co-author of Yoga for Stress and Anxiety and the forthcoming Yoga for Active Adults
An excellent contribution! It can do miracles for your fascial body, and your mind as well. I highly recommend it.
Robert Schleip PhD, author, internationally known fascia researcher, and co-creator of Fascial Fitness

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